Limit L-2, Triple Limiter

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The L-2 is a three individual soft knee limiter module in Eurorack format. An all analog unit.
It can be used for audio signal manipulation or as a utility module for control voltages. The three channels can be AC or DC coupled.
It can be used for normal limiting/compression but also for creative wave shaping.

Compared to the previous L-1 module the only change is added noramling between the channels.

The soft knee of the limiter is actually 8 consecutive soft knees for each channel starting at -6dB compared to 5V and spread evenly up to 5V.
The limiter will brick wall limit to +/- 5V both in AC and DC mode.

In other words it will gradually increase the compression from +8dBu and brick wall limit at +14dBu.

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For each of the three channels there is a volume control that controls how hard the limiter is driven.

When the knob is at 9 o’clock what passes through is almost unaffected but limiting peaks to +/-5V. At 12 o’clock you will have 2,5 times compression still fairly transparent compression. Turning the the knob to full will give 5 times amplification drive in to the limiter, giving a rounded distorted sound.

The three channels are completely independent.

AC/DC coupling for Lim1 and Lim2 is done with the switch on the panel.

AC/DC coupling for Lim3 is done by a jumper on the back of the module.

When the jumper is mounted Lim3 is DC coupled.

The module is delivered with the jumper mounted.

If you want higher compression than just one limiter you can chain several limiters, this is pre-patched via normaling. If nothing is connected to IN on channel 2 or 3 they will get their input from the channel above as shown by the dotted lines on the front panel. This is also so you easily can get tree different compressed versions of the same sound out. Connecting something in on 2 or 3 will disconnect this noramling.

Device specs

Module size: 6 hp wide, 32 mm deep with power connector.

Input impedance: 20 kohm

Output impedance: 1 kohm

Power requirements: +/- 12V. Max power consumption +/- 20 mA

Connect the power cable with the red stripe (-12V) down.

The unit is protected for reverse power.

Manual (L-2)

Download: Limit L-2 manual (pdf)

Videos (L-2)