Dan Wahlbeck

The company is owned and run by me, Dan Wahlbeck.

I do everything from design and production to marketing.

I have been designing and building electronic equipment in various forms since the 70’s.

1979 I started to play guitar and realized that the two hobbies guitar and electronics could be combined.

Electronics and everything else needed around it has always been there. Professionally since 1983. Through industrial electronic repair, and production during the early years to design, project management and top level management. The last 20 years has been in military defense system design and project management and from year 2000 till present date telecom design and R&D management. Mainly metro optical wavelength multiplexed systems.

Even when in top level management level I have never been able to totally let go of the little intricate details deep within the designs, it is just too much fun!

I started this company to get an outlet for ideas I have had for many years but not have had time to realize. Things I find missing in the music market, or done in a way that I wouldn’t like it to be.

As I have been involved in various ways in the professional music business for quite a few years I know what my friends, the musicians and studio people need.

The main idea is basically for me to have fun and in the process deliver equipment designed with the same quality mindset I have used for over 20 years designing military and core network telecom equipment.

I am not going to cut corners with under specified components.

My aim is to deliver high class products that are rugged as a tank.


In short what I have been doing the last 30 years. In reverse chronological order. My normal other working life that is:

Infinera, 2015 – present. HW project manager. My current day job that I’m not going to quit.

Transmode AB, 2004 – 2015. VP R&D, HW manager, Sustaining manager. The company was acquired by Infinera.

Netinsight AB, 2004. Project manager.

Q2 Labs, 2003 – 2004. Co-founder of the company. HW manager. The company was acquired by Netinsight.

Cisco Systems, 2000 – 2003. HW design, project manager, HW tech lead.

Qeyton Systems, 2000. HW design. The company was acquired by Cisco.

Ericsson Microwave Systems, 1986 – 2000. Production test, HW design, Project management.