P1, Pedal I/O

1,650kr. (1,320kr. + VAT)

The P1 is a dual channel pedal interface. It can be used for pedal or line level in and out or as a guitar or bass input as the pedal in is a high-Z input that will not suck the life out of the tone of your instrument as low impedance inputs can do.

The module is designed to have more than 100kHz bandwidth in both directions to give you a very clean interface with in and out impedance to work well with pedals.

The two halves of the module are independent. You can use it as a dual mono or as a stereo interface.

Eurorack to pedal level is attenuating -18dB and pedal to Eurorack level is amplifying 18dB.

There is soft controlled symmetrical clipping in both directions through the module so if you are driving the inputs hard it will not sound harsh. You can use this as a creative effect.

The unit is AC coupled to be able to isolate your Eurorack from whatever you connect on the pedal side.

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