Zero Z-1, Dual Zero Difference

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The Zero Z-1 is a is a two channel zero difference trigger the can be CV controlled.

It can be used to detect zero crossings of signals and the direction of the zero crossing, to detect zero
difference between between two signals, to add jitter to signals and many other things. It is mainly ment to be
used in combination with other modules such as the Switch module but can also be used on its own.

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The two sides of the Z-1 is built around a comparator and a one bit memory that is clocked by the comparator. This is the evaluating click less switching control circuit used in the D-2, 4-Band Distortion module but with all
the ins and outs accessible.

It works with both control signals and audio rate signals. It is completely DC coupled. The output is 0V when it’s low and 5V when it’s high as indicated on the LED.

This is a simple but useful module. See the manual for patch examples.

Some examples are add jitter on sync signals between VCOs or on the clock signal to a delay giving the option of getting CV controllable flutter on the delay.

Or controlling a switch between two sounds or LFOs via a Switch SW-1 module (or similar), where you can arm the coming switch by setting D high and the module then waits till the right conditions on A and B before it sends the signal to switch.

Device specs

Module size: 2 hp wide, 29 mm deep with power connector.

Input impedance: 100 kohm

Power requirements: +12V. Max power consumption 10 mA.

                               -12V. Max power consumption 3 mA.

Connect the power cable with the red stripe towards the marking -12V on the board.

The unit is protected for reverse power.

Manual (Z-1)

Download: Zero Z-1 manual (pdf)

Videos (Z-1)