Mög D1

Mög D1

MÖG © pedals. Boutique guitar effect pedals.

MÖG is the registered trademark for my bass and guitar effect stomp boxes. It is pronounced moeg.

In Swedish MÖG means crap, junk or even manure. I thought that name was a good fit for what my boxes do. A distortion pedal adds a lot of junk to the signal. It is like a very poorly designed hifi amplifier, the trick is to get the faults in the amplifier design to be nasty in a musical way.

I am not making clones of other pedals. That is not my thing. Everything from idea, electrical, mechanical and graphical design I do myself.



AV-1 Attenuverter

AV-1 Attenuverter

I design Eurorack synth modules too.

The AV-1 modules are available in stores.

The WF-1 Wavefolder will be released very soon.

Wavefolder WF-1







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