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Release of the WF-1 Wavefolder at Cymru Beats 17. Sonicstate video.


The AV-1 Attenuverter is now sold via Escape From Noice and Jam Syntotek. The AV-1 is on display at Jam if you want to go there and try it out.


7weeks will release their new albom A Farwell to Dawn. The Mög D1 is used on most of the tracks.


Niclas Etelävuori told me that after trying a couple of other distortion boxes he decided to use the Mög D1 on all tracks of the comming Amorphis album. Really nice to hear this.


The Mög D1 is now also sold at Custom Sounds in Helsinki, Finland.


Niclas Etelävuori of Amorphis got himself a Mög D1.


After trying a Mög D1 William Knox of Lizzard decided to add one to his pedal board.


Stefan Stenberg of Soen decided to use two Mög D1 as the only type of bass overdrive/distortion on the European tour during the spring.

Stefan uses the Mög mainly as a slightly distorting eqalizer with relatively low gain settings on all the 4 bands. One Mög is on most of the time and when he needs a bit more push he just adds one more in series with the other one.


The Mög boxes are now also sold at Musik Hammer, Storchgasse 4, 8020 Graz, Austria.

First store outside Sweden to sell them!


First video out where the Mög D1 is used on the base. Soen, Tabula Rasa

A lot of the dirt and and voice of the base on the Tellurian album is made by the Mög D1. It is used on all tracks on the album. In fact in many of the songs there is up to four base tracks. To make them be as one I had to develop a software to do that perfectly enough. After that track syncing was fast easy and accurate. I plan to package that software in to a VST plug and release it for free. Will tell you more about all the good things you can do with it when it is finished.


First shipment outside Sweden. I can ship globally and accept PayPal.


Full production running. MÖG D1 boxes delivered to stores in Stockholm and a few artists. You will over time find out who they are.

There will be a lot more soldering for me the coming days as I do almost everything myself. The boxes are milled in my small CNC milling machine and I finally have the screen printing process stable.


Biked around Stockholm and demoed a final version of the MÖG D1. All tree stores that tested it wanted to sell it. The stores are 4Sound Fridhemsplan, JAM Synthotek och Studio and These Go To 11.

Have now pre-orders for a few boxes that the personal in the stores wanted for them selves. Feels good that they don’t just want to sell them but also own one.

I will update here when the stores have them in stock.


The first MÖG D1 is now in production. First shipment will be at the end of May.


A first MÖG D1 4 Band Distortion delivered to Soen. They are currently working on their second album.

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